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                        Early childhood education

Early childhood education is an important step in the path of a child´s growth and learning. Early childhood education supports a child´s growth, development and learning, and promotes the child´s well-being. Co-operation between guardians and staff brings continuity and security to a child’s life.


There are 4 municipal day care centers, 5 municipal family day nurses and 6 pre-school groups in Karkkila, which operate in connection with schools. In addition, there are 3 private day care centers and 4 private family day care centers in Karkkila. Early childhood education units are generally open from Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 17:00.


In early childhood education, the starting point for learning is the child´s previous experiences, interests and skills. Play is important for the learning of an early childhood child. Education, teaching and care are emphasized in different ways in the activities of children of different ages and in different forms of early childhood education.

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