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Indication of early childhood care times


Report your child´s care times electronically. This should be done regularly with the Vaka Diary (with computer) or in the Vaka Mukana (mobile app) program no later than one week before the need for treatment. Reserved times for the coming week will be locked on   Mondays at 12 noon, after which times can only be changed in agreement with staff of children group. The reported hours may not exceed the number of hours agreed in the placement decision.


If there are sudden changes in the care time, such as the child becoming ill, contact the child´s care group immediately. If you are absent for any reason other than illness, contact the care center no later than two days in advance. The child can also use the early childhood  education place on a pre-announced holiday if there is a sufficient staff available  and the ratio between educators and children is not exceeded. We ask separately for the reduced time (school holidays) care needs about a month before the upcoming holiday.



Finnish application (The link opens the service provider´s website and opens in a new  window.)

Finnish Authenticator Identification Service (The link opens the service provider´s website in            English and opens in a new window.)



Getting to know the place of care

The decision on the place of early childhood education comes electronically through the service or, if it is not used by the guardians, the decision comes in paper form through the system. The family will then contact the group teacher to arrange a time to getting to know the day care center and a time for discussion about starting.


During the introductory discussion, the parents/guardians will give the group teachers all the information they need about their child, their expectations and wishes for early childhood education, and the parent/guardians will be given information about day care practices and schedule for acquaintance.


The length of the acquaintance usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the age of the child and the needs of the family. During the acquaintance, the guardian is with the child in the day care center. A child may remain alone (without a guardian) in day care center, only when the decision on early childhood education has taken effect.






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